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Three Years After the Beginning of ChiLaTour

ChiLaTour started on March 23, 2016, as I left North America to Europe with my 55L backpack for a year-long sabbatical. Things didn’t go according to the plan. Very soon, I started freelancing remotely and before I realized, I have … Continue reading

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Observations of Sicily

Observations/Thoughts on Sicily: • Sicilians often don’t speak English. • People take siesta like Spanish, such that the city is DEAD between 2-5 p.m. but CROWDED afterwards. It’s been over a year and still, this phenomenon amazes me. • Crazy … Continue reading

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Becoming a Digital Nomad

Well, well, it’s true that I have been freelancing remotely for two years now and worked full-time, on-site for four months in between, but I have always considered myself on sabbatical. Now, I am finally (trying to) seeing myself as … Continue reading

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On Bracelets

The only thing I have lost so far during ChiLaTour was a rosario bracelet, which was a gift from a friend from Colombia. For over five years, I had been wearing it everyday as my amulet, or so I thought. … Continue reading

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Second Anniversary of my “Sabbatical” Year

Can’t believe that it has already been two years since I started this so-called sabbatical. Well, frankly, the second year was not as exciting anymore. For this very reason, I have done less travels. For three and a half months, … Continue reading

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New Year, New Challenge

Slightly over a month ago, I described my biggest sabbatical self-challenge as practicing English with a kid. After staying with a couple more Turkish kids, I am not that nervous around them anymore. Today, I returned to Izmir for a … Continue reading

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Last Breakfast

I am blessed that my Turkish friends let me enter their lives. Since I arrived Istanbul, my ex-landlady’s brother has been knocking on my door to invite me to join him and his wife (my Turkish Mom) for breakfast every … Continue reading

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The most aptly named Ceren

This post is long overdue. Eight years ago, I joined a tour to the Black Sea region of Turkey alone, and in the group were Ceren and Bariş. Since I was the only solo traveler, Ceren was very kind and … Continue reading

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Taking a Break from my Sabbatical

Taking a gap year traveling the world probably sounds very cool to most of you. Yet, it does get tiring after a while. I started my sabbatical in late March last year and started losing interest by October. However, since … Continue reading

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