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Taking a Break from my Sabbatical

Taking a gap year traveling the world probably sounds very cool to most of you. Yet, it does get tiring after a while. I started my sabbatical in late March last year and started losing interest by October. However, since … Continue reading

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Taking Sabbatical

Some of you may wonder how I could manage to travel for over a year without a stable source of income. In fact, to live on savings was one of the major mental preparations I had to myself once I … Continue reading

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Where are you from?

“Where are you from?” my high school classmate from eighteen years ago suddenly asked me when we were chilling at her apartment in Paris. “Huh?” “Don’t think! Answer right off the top of your head!” my friend insisted. “Well, it … Continue reading

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I got interviewed by three high schoolers for their project on “love” in the street in Fez one day. They asked me about the love from my parents, and here is a recap of what I told them: My parents love me … Continue reading

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Norwegian Food

This is not ice cream LOL After preparing Hong Kong food for my Airbnb host, my host made me Norwegian fish in a berry sauce 😮 The berries on the side of the plate have to be cold. Leonie said … Continue reading

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Coca-Cola Chicken, Spanish style.

A few weeks ago, I made Hong Kong style Coca-Cola chicken wings for some Spanish and French friends. Today, my Spanish Airbnb host made me Coca-Cola chicken, too! His recipe has chopped onion and bacon. I think I will steal … Continue reading

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Villava, Navarra, Spain

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