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Drinking Espresso in Italy

After having lunch with Sicilian Couchsurfing host in Noto: Host: Would you like a coffee? Me: Sure. Walked into a cafe and ordered two espresso. Host downed the shot in 5 seconds: Let’s go. Oh oh oh, you are still … Continue reading

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Sicilian Street Food

I don’t eat pork or goose large intestine Chinese style, and I never like Turkish kokoreç (grilled offal wrapped in small intestine) for the strong taste. So when I saw Sicilian grilled lamb small intestine, Stigghiola, I thought I’d just … Continue reading

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More Impressions on Athens

• Wow, people here really don’t smile, and don’t smile back, including swimmers at the municipal pool (but the staff were very nice.) • Greeks like to oregano everything, including chips, roasted nuts, salad, meat… • The streets are so … Continue reading

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First impression of Athens

First impression of Athens (After staying in Turkey for three months): • Looking at the feta cheese, Greek coffee, Greek delight, baklava, helva, tahini, koulouri/simit, salep, ayran, dried fruits, etc. etc., it feels like I am still in Turkey, just … Continue reading

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London Subway

One thing that caught my attention in London subway was that a passenger would leave behind periodicals, neatly, on the seat for the next person to pick up to read. AND people would actually pick it up to skim. While … Continue reading

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French Local Culture

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