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Three Years After the Beginning of ChiLaTour

ChiLaTour started on March 23, 2016, as I left North America to Europe with my 55L backpack for a year-long sabbatical. Things didn’t go according to the plan. Very soon, I started freelancing remotely and before I realized, I have … Continue reading

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La Scuola Adotta la Città

La scuola adotta la città, literally “the school adopts the city,” is a program in Palermo since 1994, where students research on certain monuments/sites of the city and then give out tours to the public. This year, 102 schools and … Continue reading

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Sicilian Street Food

I don’t eat pork or goose large intestine Chinese style, and I never like Turkish kokoreç (grilled offal wrapped in small intestine) for the strong taste. So when I saw Sicilian grilled lamb small intestine, Stigghiola, I thought I’d just … Continue reading

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My Easy-going Airbnb Host

Just three days after checking in to my Airbnb in Palermo, I had to wash the bedsheets and as I was hang drying them, one end of the hills clothesline broke off from the exterior wall. My host wasn’t home that … Continue reading

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First impression of Athens

First impression of Athens (After staying in Turkey for three months): • Looking at the feta cheese, Greek coffee, Greek delight, baklava, helva, tahini, koulouri/simit, salep, ayran, dried fruits, etc. etc., it feels like I am still in Turkey, just … Continue reading

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Songül & Beyza

Saving the best for last – Songül and Beyza, my ex-flatmates in Istanbul eight years ago. Songül, doubtlessly, has the biggest influence in my life in Turkey. Without her, I wouldn’t be able to experience the Turkish way of life … Continue reading

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Love from New York to Istanbul

Can’t leave out this then-and-now post with Zehra! It has been two years since we last saw each other in NYC. None of us would of thought that we were to meet again in Istanbul =) Frankly, I didn’t expect … Continue reading

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New Year, New Challenge

Slightly over a month ago, I described my biggest sabbatical self-challenge as practicing English with a kid. After staying with a couple more Turkish kids, I am not that nervous around them anymore. Today, I returned to Izmir for a … Continue reading

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Sisters from Another Mister

#3uçarkız #sistersfromanothermister ❤ Hope to travel together in the future =)

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