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On Bracelets

The only thing I have lost so far during ChiLaTour was a rosario bracelet, which was a gift from a friend from Colombia. For over five years, I had been wearing it everyday as my amulet, or so I thought. … Continue reading

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Second Anniversary of my “Sabbatical” Year

Can’t believe that it has already been two years since I started this so-called sabbatical. Well, frankly, the second year was not as exciting anymore. For this very reason, I have done less travels. For three and a half months, … Continue reading

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Using Couchsurfing

My oldest sister is going to try Couchsurfing for the first time next month in Germany (Yay!), and we have had a brief chat about it. Since some friends have asked me how CS is like and what do I do to … Continue reading

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First Anniversary of my “Sabbatical” Year

A year ago today, I took off from Toronto, Canada, and started my so-called sabbatical year. It has been a very rewarding experience full of ups and downs, and I am grateful for everyone of you who has motivated me along … Continue reading

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London Subway

View this post on Instagram One thing that caught my attention in London subway was that a passenger would leave behind periodicals, neatly, on the seat for the next person to pick up to read. AND people would actually pick … Continue reading

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Coca-Cola Chicken, Spanish style.

View this post on Instagram A few weeks ago, I made Hong Kong style Coca-Cola chicken wings for some Spanish and French friends. Today, my Spanish Airbnb host made me Coca-Cola chicken, too! His recipe has chopped onion and bacon. … Continue reading

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Swimming for the First Time in Zaragoza

View this post on Instagram Trying out the pool in Zaragoza. This one is just okay. Did 3000m today. Feel very rusty 💪🏼🏊🏼‍♀️ #swimmingpool #swimmer #zaragoza #aragon #spain #chilatour #chilatour17 A post shared by Marta Lee (@chinalatina) on Feb 18, … Continue reading

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