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I got interviewed by three high schoolers for their project on “love” in the street in Fez one day. They asked me about the love from my parents, and here is a recap of what I told them: My parents love me … Continue reading

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A Little Unwitting in Marrakech

This photo was taken at around 1:15 a.m. when we were waiting for pizza on the way home from a hookah lounge in Marrakech. Apparently we were having fun. Little did I know that our (my?) safety was at risk. My … Continue reading

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Unintended Bargaining in Marrakech

One evening in Marrakech, I was looking for pocket tissue and I found a woman street seller. I pointed at the entire pack to indicate that I wanted to buy the whole pack, but the lady kept telling me that it … Continue reading

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Holiday Greetings

I created this “Where is Martha?” holiday greetings a couple weeks ago for my family and close friends. Since I have received some interesting responses – from not being able to find me to seeing me in a sleeping bag (Seriously? I … Continue reading

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Jet lag

Didn’t have any problem from Toronto to Oviedo, from Barcelona to London, from London to Madrid, from Lisbon to Miami… But now, after returning to Lisbon from Miami… this’s the third night already… what is the cure?

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Current mood

“… I wish I had someone to share things with… but there is nobody there…” 14E Arrondissement is my favorite segment from <Paris, Je T’aime> of all time <3<3<3

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OOH at the baggage claim at Lisbon International Airport. It says “A good life in Europe begins with house hunting.” I don’t even know where to start… As an advertising professional… As a consumer… As a Chinese… 😵 #ooh #ad … Continue reading

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