Three Years After the Beginning of ChiLaTour

ChiLaTour started on March 23, 2016, as I left North America to Europe with my 55L backpack for a year-long sabbatical. Things didn’t go according to the plan. Very soon, I started freelancing remotely and before I realized, I have become a digital nomad.

Doubtlessly, the past three years of experience was unforgettable. Yet, I have gotten very tired, and my heart has been telling me to settle down. In the beginning of 2019, I have put ChiLaTour on hold. I am sure there will be another ChiLaTour, ChiLaTour22, ChiLaTour30, ChiLaTour34… For now, let me try to start a new chapter of my life.

Thank you for your support along the way and for making ChiLaTour awesome. I hope all of you would be able to listen to and follow your heart.


About ChinaLatina

Creative • Art Director • Traveler. Food + books + movies. China-Latina born in Hong Kong, traveling the world.
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