Observations of Sicily


Observations/Thoughts on Sicily:
• Sicilians often don’t speak English.
• People take siesta like Spanish, such that the city is DEAD between 2-5 p.m. but CROWDED afterwards. It’s been over a year and still, this phenomenon amazes me.
• Crazy drivers. They don’t stop at zebra crossing, so (as my Airbnb host said) you just need to be resolute and step out, starring into the drivers’ eyes.
• Pistachio. Pistachio dust on pizza, pistachio pesto, pistachio cream in pastries, pistachio gelato…
• Food in Palermo is cheaper than Catania.
• Museums are quite expensive compared to those in Spain and France.
• Like in Athens, you need a cardiologist’s paper to prove that you’re physically fit to use the gym.
• Swimming pools are rare in Palermo and expensive.
• No need to trust the local bus schedule in Palermo.
• People often don’t stamp their ticket after getting on the bus. My host said buses that run inside the city get check more frequently. So, if you travel outside… 😉
• Palermo is very dirty.
• Catania is also very dirty.
• Recycling is something new here.
• Palm-oil-free is a marketing gimmick. The alternatives aren’t always better.
• Gluten-free products are easy to find, with a range of brands and products to choose from.

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