La Scuola Adotta la Città

La scuola adotta la citta.jpg

La scuola adotta la città, literally “the school adopts the city,” is a program in Palermo since 1994, where students research on certain monuments/sites of the city and then give out tours to the public. This year, 102 schools and 81 places are involved.

Frankly, I had no idea about this event and had gotten annoyed by groups of school kids screaming in the streets, blocking the way several times. Today, I was just looking at my phone outside the Cathedral, when 13-year-old Claudia cordially invited me to join her for a free English tour at Palazzo Asmundo.

The tour was brief due to language barrier. However, I love that children from Palermo get to discover the treasures and history of their own city and present them to people of any age, gender and background. I think every city should do the same!

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