On Bracelets


The only thing I have lost so far during ChiLaTour was a rosario bracelet, which was a gift from a friend from Colombia. For over five years, I had been wearing it everyday as my amulet, or so I thought. It got dragged off along with my glove in the farmers’ market in Toulouse, France, last year. In the beginning, I felt naked not wearing it. Eventually, I have taught myself to let go of the grief from the loss and the uneasiness, because nothing that bad has happened.
About a month ago, a new friend from Turkey gave me a bracelet as a farewell gift, and so I have returned to wearing a bracelet everyday.
It was then when I realized that I am not treating these bracelets as amulets, but a tangible form of thoughts and care from my friends. That someone remembers me and cares for me.
When I am hitting the road alone, this bracelet reminds me that I am actually not alone.

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  1. Emily says:

    Lovely post 😊


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