Hats off to Daisuke Kinoshita


Dai, originally from Osaka, attended the same study abroad program in Spain I did in 2005. During the past 11.5 years after the program ended, he has worked in Madrid for some six years, in Japan in a completely different sector for a couple years, has traveled through India (for 2.5 months) and Korea and other places. After working at the same place in Japan for two years, he’s now taking a sabbatical and has just finished dual pilgrim: the Way of St. James and Kumnao Kodo in Japan.

I don’t meet a lot of people like Dai, who likes to see the world, to know people and to try new things. He values experience more than money. It’s very inspiring talking to him and reaffirming some believes and core values that we share. The biggest takeaway from our reunion is that regardless where we are, we have to keep looking for ways to make contributions.

I am very glad that Dai reached out when he was in Madrid, since we haven’t been in touch all these years.

Hats off to you, Dai!!!

P.S. Thanks Momita for taking photos during phonetic class back then XD


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