Taking a Break from my Sabbatical


Taking a gap year traveling the world probably sounds very cool to most of you. Yet, it does get tiring after a while. I started my sabbatical in late March last year and started losing interest by October. However, since I had nowhere to return to, I just kept going. Hence, when a recruiter contacted me about a three-month contract with Electronic Arts in Madrid, I applied for the job without a second thought. I am glad that this opportunity came up, so that I can take a break from traveling, have my routine back (yes, swimming!), make some money and see how I like living in this city.

I started working last Monday, and things are so far so good. The office is like an ad agency: open space and double computer screens for each person (No Mac though.) It’s the toughest not to be able to use my personal mobil in the building for confidentiality reasons.

Although I don’t know my own team members yet, it’s easy to meet people and to get inside their circles. In the photo are my lunch buddies, all from different teams. There was a company pub quiz afterwork and we formed our team. Unfortunately, we didn’t win. But as one team member, Frederic, said, we weren’t the last neither, haha!

I haven’t been blogging as much as I thought I would during my sabbatical. I will try to write once in a while some travel stories. Until then, take care!


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