Taking Sabbatical

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 8.15.43 PM

Some of you may wonder how I could manage to travel for over a year without a stable source of income. In fact, to live on savings was one of the major mental preparations I had to myself once I have decided to take a sabbatical. It has been stressful, but it has also been relatively easy for me to live beneath my means, because I never like shopping and am totally fine wearing the same clothes again and again. My skill set and interests also allow me to take up some freelance projects online, which certainly helped on my expenses.

Still, I have to say I am tired of seeing my savings dwindling =(


About ChinaLatina

Creative • Art Director • Traveler. Food + books + movies. China-Latina born in Hong Kong, traveling the world. martha-lee.com
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