Celebrating Lunar New Year in Montpellier


I thought I would spend Lunar New Year alone like last Christmas. However, a few days before the new year, my Airbnb host invited me to go to a potluck party at their friends’. So, I extended my stay in Montpellier for that.

There were about 14 of us, all french except myself. They were celebrating the Year of the Rooster since a couple of them missed their 10-years-of-friendship gathering on 2016 New Year’s eve; hence, they decided to get together on Lunar New Year.

My host, Roman and Elodie, tried to “lower” my expectation by telling me that there wouldn’t be authentic Chinese food. I knew to not to expect anything and had lots of fun! The group was all around my age, speak good English and love to joke around. Some of us got tattoos of our own Chinese zodiac signs; I think mine looked more like a black panther. Seeing the Chinese candy box and eating pomelo (First time for many of them) made me feel “home.”

This party was also an introduction of French Asian Food for me (and they learned about “real” Asian food from me hahaha) I didn’t know that France also has fortune cookies. I cracked up when they showed me “Cantonese rice.”
The recipe:
Cook plain rice; put it aside.
Cook green peas, chopped meat and scrambled eggs.
Mix everything together and season as you wish.
I kinda like it because it is healthier than fried rice.

Thanks Carmen for the suggestion of making coca-cola chicken wings. They loved it!

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