Visiting the Dentist in France


I had this brilliant idea of removing my wisdom tooth in France. (Well, I have always wanted to, but I procrastinated for four years since my favorite dentist from NYC was not licensed to remove teeth.) When I scheduled the appointment, I was more excited and relieved than anything, because I could finally get this done.

When I arrived at the clinic, I suddenly got VERY nervous. Thank goodness my dentist speaks English. I survived the two anesthetic injections with my eyes closed. But when I opened my eyes, I saw my own tooth and scattered droplets of blood on the tray and I almost fainted.

Thanks to my colleague, Isabelle, and Airbnb host, Caroline, who shed some light on where to search for dentists. It was a frustrating process, because I got hung up on the phone by receptionists who don’t speak English. On top of that, most clinics are closed for the holiday seasons. At the end, all went well and it only costed me 33.44€.


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