Movie on X’mas Day


Just as I have imagined, the city was pretty dead on Christmas day (and any Sunday). That’s why I was surprised to learn that the independent theater, Utopia Saint-Siméon Cinema, was open. I have always wanted to check it out not only because of the movie choices but also because this building has gone through numerous transformation.

Back in the 15th century, it was an actual church and housed the relics of the Syrian Saint Simeon Stylites, the saint who did penance praying on a column for 37 years until his death. During the French revolution, it was used as a saltpeter storage. Then, it was converted into a sailing school. In 1863, it became a factory of canned food and it’s the same founder who invented the keys to open cans. It was later used as a bike shop and a garage before turning into the current cinema in 1999.

After making sure that they play movies in their original soundtracks with French subtitles, I went to watch Paterson at matinee for 4€. It’s a good movie and I am planning to return on New Year.


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