Two Andalusians and a Chinese got lost in the Basque Country

IMG_8135.JPGTwo Andalusians and a Chinese got lost in the Basque Country.

Not once. Not twice. But three times within one day LOL

We took the same bus from Bilbao to a small town called Bakio. From there, we were supposed to take a 10-minute taxi to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe. BUT, the bus driver told us to wait at the wrong side of the street, so the taxi just went away. Since the taxi comes only every two hours, we ended up hiking uphill and down slippery slope for over an hour to get to the hermitage.

Lucky for me, Pablo and Macarena became my companions for the rest of the day. This nice couple from Cadiz took the initiative to call the taxi company to find out how to leave San Juan de Gaztelugatxe. We were lost a couple more times when we managed to miss the entrance to Bermeo train station, and when we didn’t know to get off when the train arrived Mudaka.

What a memorable day!


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