This is my second conversation partner, Sandi. She came to Oviedo from Colombia four years ago and had no family in Spain. She found me on Instagram and we met up occasionally, since she used to work and study at the same time.

Sandi and I are only one year apart, and we share a lot of similarities. To me, her greatest qualities are self-discipline and self-awareness. She takes university courses online and does body-weight workout at the park regularly. She also learns to speak Mandarin Chinese on her own through free online program; the only reason being that one day, she read in a book that in order to feel better about herself, she should try to do something she thought she couldn’t. Although Sandi can’t read or write any Chinese, she masters conversational Chinese. I can only say that she’s good with sounds and tones.

Sandi has just found a job and moved to Barcelona. Best of all luck, my friend! I am going to visit you sooooooooooon =)


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