May 14, 2016 Farewell Dinner at Mamá Lucía’s.

School will be done by the end of May, which means Enol and Saori – the two 21-year-old students staying with mamá now – are going to leave Oviedo soon. Just as with every host child (I suppose?), mamá threw them a farewell party. Unlike previous years, family members like my host sister and tía Abú were not there. Invited were Saori’s friends: Manaka, Minaho, Pablo, and me.

When I arrived at 8 p.m. to help out, Enol and Saori were making okonomiyaki – no surprise. Mamá and I made some shrimp and boiled eggs with mayo on white  bread – typical for what mamá would make for any parties. Since I bought her some dulce de manzana (apple paste) the previous day, this time I brought over six types of Asturian cheese to accompany the sweet.

Dinner started at 9 p.m. when finally everyone arrived. Food was good but the company even better. At one point, Enol revealed to Pablo that he started dating Saori a week ago (Enol repeated a few times over dinner that it was May 8th, so let’s be exact,) but Pablo wouldn’t believe it and had to confirm twice. This new couple is so in love we couldn’t help but poke fun at them.

I wish them the best of all luck!


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