Just keep greeting people, even strangers.

This morning when I entered the ladies’ changing room at the gym, women in their underwear said “good morning.”

In the steam room, there was only an old guy and me. When he left, he said “goodbye.”

As I was entering the open shower area —I dislike gloomy, small stalls—two women who were showering said “hello.”

At the lobby of my apartment building, the elder lady who came out from the elevator greeted me with “good afternoon.”

I was the only one in the toilet at the cafeteria, washing my hands. A woman entered, saw me, and said “good evening.”

Moral of the story: always greet people, even when you’re naked!


About ChinaLatina

Creative • Art Director • Traveler. Food + books + movies. China-Latina born in Hong Kong, traveling the world. martha-lee.com
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