March 25 Good Friday. Today is my host sister’s 36th birthday, and we are invited to her house in Ceceda (her grandma’s village) to celebrate. After we arrived by car, we stopped by the neighborhood bar (there are only 3) to chill with the neighbors, drinking sidra, beer and munching on olives while enjoying the outdoor. Then, we headed back to Aunt Abu’s house to have lunch – at 3 p.m. I was, as always, surprised by the amount of time and thought they put into lunch on a day-off: cooked shrimp with mayo as starter, then soup with chickpea, spinach, chorizo and bacalao, next was a portion of tortilla española, finished with chopped strawberries and mandarin as dessert. To me, that’s a four course lunch there. If I were to cook, it’s usually a grain bowl or just soup and salad. Anyway, after lunch, Aunt Abu dropped me off at Carmen’s and sent her mom to the church. I had a great time at the birthday party, with lots of kids and good food. Funny things was that I have met pretty much all of her friends back in 2005, but none of them remembered me and I recognized only four of them. I still remember how we went bar hopping during the night in Leon, and now half of them have become parents of two. Who knows how we will have become the next time I visit?


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