As part of my travel blog, I think I will leave a review on plane food.

For a while I had been a vegetarian and had had horrible experience with vegetarian meals on flight – steamed edamame with white rice, steamed broccoli and carrots with white rice etc. I resorted to Hindu food for a while – vegetarian curries with rice never went wrong.

But now I am gluten-free, and there’s no gluten-free-vegetarian option with any airlines. I have been switching back and forth: vegetarian food that is not gluten-free or gluten-free food with meat. Neither can fill me up, which is okay since I can always bring my own snacks. So, this time I have decided to try out the gluten-free option with American Airline.

It’s a 7-hour flight departing from Philadelphia to Madrid on Airbus A330. Right after we boarded, we’re served dinner. Oh my, look at the picture, just the fresh strawberries made me delighted. The rest I didn’t care so much. No, honestly, the mashed potato was okay, and it worked out for me, because I love carb but tend to avoid cancer-causing rice cakes.

And then, breakfast. A bag of rice crisps. Caramel flavored. I thought for a second, and yes, I asked for the regular breakfast which came in a nice paper box, consisted of Upstate strawberry flavored yogurt (manufactured in NY), granola, blueberry muffin top and a bag of dried cranberries. I finished the yogurt and the cranberries.

Oh and the guy who sat next to me was having vegetarian meal. He told his travel companion that his grilled asparagus and zucchini over yellow rice was delicious. Sounds good to me!

So, hopefully this is a useful review for you who have food allergy. Enjoy your next flight!


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