Observations of Sicily


Observations/Thoughts on Sicily:
• Sicilians often don’t speak English.
• People take siesta like Spanish, such that the city is DEAD between 2-5 p.m. but CROWDED afterwards. It’s been over a year and still, this phenomenon amazes me.
• Crazy drivers. They don’t stop at zebra crossing, so (as my Airbnb host said) you just need to be resolute and step out, starring into the drivers’ eyes.
• Pistachio. Pistachio dust on pizza, pistachio pesto, pistachio cream in pastries, pistachio gelato…
• Food in Palermo is cheaper than Catania.
• Museums are quite expensive compared to those in Spain and France.
• Like in Athens, you need a cardiologist’s paper to prove that you’re physically fit to use the gym.
• Swimming pools are rare in Palermo and expensive.
• No need to trust the local bus schedule in Palermo.
• People often don’t stamp their ticket after getting on the bus. My host said buses that run inside the city get check more frequently. So, if you travel outside… 😉
• Palermo is very dirty.
• Catania is also very dirty.
• Recycling is something new here.
• Palm-oil-free is a marketing gimmick. The alternatives aren’t always better.
• Gluten-free products are easy to find, with a range of brands and products to choose from.

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La Scuola Adotta la Città

La scuola adotta la citta.jpg

La scuola adotta la città, literally “the school adopts the city,” is a program in Palermo since 1994, where students research on certain monuments/sites of the city and then give out tours to the public. This year, 102 schools and 81 places are involved.

Frankly, I had no idea about this event and had gotten annoyed by groups of school kids screaming in the streets, blocking the way several times. Today, I was just looking at my phone outside the Cathedral, when 13-year-old Claudia cordially invited me to join her for a free English tour at Palazzo Asmundo.

The tour was brief due to language barrier. However, I love that children from Palermo get to discover the treasures and history of their own city and present them to people of any age, gender and background. I think every city should do the same!

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Becoming a Digital Nomad


Well, well, it’s true that I have been freelancing remotely for two years now and worked full-time, on-site for four months in between, but I have always considered myself on sabbatical.
Now, I am finally (trying to) seeing myself as a digital nomad, after signing the biggest contract since March, 2016 💃🏼🎉🎊
Really look forward to working on this UX/UI design project with my awesome team in the U.S. and Taiwan! 🌎
In the photo: Setteveli, or seven-veil cake from Palermo… like a knockoff of French opera cake😝😋

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The Best Baci according to my Host


I’m in love with my Airbnb host. Too bad she left me alone in Palermo for her boyfriend in Mexico 😝😍📝🎁🍫

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Spanish History Lesson with Airbnb Host


My Palermo Airbnb host, Valeria, is a historian, who conducts research and sometimes gives lectures at universities .

One night after offering me a wonderful Sicilian dinner, she clarified some questions I had about Spanish history.
Valeria: Historians called the year 1492 “annus mirabilis,” like beautiful year… in one year, this Spanish couple fucked up three groups of people 😂
Me: 😂 Can I sit in your next class?

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Drinking Espresso in Italy

After having lunch with Sicilian Couchsurfing host in Noto:
Host: Would you like a coffee?
Me: Sure.
Walked into a cafe and ordered two espresso.
Host downed the shot in 5 seconds: Let’s go. Oh oh oh, you are still drinking, sorry!



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Sicilian Street Food


I don’t eat pork or goose large intestine Chinese style, and I never like Turkish kokoreç (grilled offal wrapped in small intestine) for the strong taste. So when I saw Sicilian grilled lamb small intestine, Stigghiola, I thought I’d just give it a try to check off the list. But man, it was GOOD! The one I tried at Vucciria market was roasted to crisp with charcoal taste. My Airbnb host said I ate it like a pro hahahaha

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