Songül & Beyza

Saving the best for last – Songül and Beyza, my ex-flatmates in Istanbul eight years ago.
Songül, doubtlessly, has the biggest influence in my life in Turkey. Without her, I wouldn’t be able to experience the Turkish way of life (which included lots and lots and lots and lots of homemade food,) or to meet more friends. Language barrier hasn’t prevent us from knowing each other. Her daughter, Beyza, is also as caring and selfless as her mother. It was great seeing them this time, and I hope to see them again in the future.

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Love from New York to Istanbul

IMG_9353Can’t leave out this then-and-now post with Zehra! It has been two years since we last saw each other in NYC. None of us would of thought that we were to meet again in Istanbul =)

Frankly, I didn’t expect any friendship when I added Zehra on Facebook, since we just chatted briefly at a pastry shop where she was working. One day, her FB post sparked a conversation, and we met. And we met again. And again.

Zehra gets me; partly because we have both chosen to live in a new city away from our families, partly because we think alike. Since the first day I got to know her, I found her  fascinating. She knows to listen to her heart and follow her dreams. She assures me that it’s okay to be different.

I am very grateful to have Zehra in my life. See you somewhere in the world again!

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New Year, New Challenge

HBUI4098croppedSlightly over a month ago, I described my biggest sabbatical self-challenge as practicing English with a kid. After staying with a couple more Turkish kids, I am not that nervous around them anymore.

Today, I returned to Izmir for a mild winter. This time, I am staying with Berna and her ten-year-old son, Ege. I found them through another Couchsurfer. And it’s Berna who referred me to the interpretation job at the food canning factory last month. So interesting tonight was the first time I met both of them in person XD

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Sisters from Another Mister


#3uçarkız #sistersfromanothermister ❤
Hope to travel together in the future =)

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Last Breakfast

I am blessed that my Turkish friends let me enter their lives. Since I arrived Istanbul, my ex-landlady’s brother has been knocking on my door to invite me to join him and his wife (my Turkish Mom) for breakfast every day. This morning, we had our last breakfast together. He joked that he’d knock on my door tomorrow morning still. I am going to miss all of them!


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Goodbye 2017

I absolutely wasn’t ready for X’mas, but I am prepared for New Year’s Eve =)
Thanks for keeping up with my updates in 2017. Wish you a wonderful year ahead!

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(長輩調) 八年前人見人愛的小妹妹現在已是亭亭玉立的少女,長得比我高 XD
從前,她曾教我一至十的土耳其語 (我沒有學會),現在我們已會用英語溝通。
Time flies! When I first met Şevval eight years ago, she was still a little girl. Now she’s a young lady, taller than me ❤
She used to teach me how to count from one to ten in Turkish (I hate numbers so I didn’t learn it), and now we can communicate in English 😉

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